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Good Shepherd Set

Good Shepherd Set

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The Good Shepherd with wooden sheepfold, wooden fence, and 10 sheep

The picture is shown finished with a rock fence. Just to give you and idea of how to paint and also the variation of fences that you can use. Rock, stick and string (provided) Faux brick etc...

The Good Shepherd and Sheepfold comes with:

  • The Good Shepherd
  • 10 sheep
  • 14" round base
  • Twine and stick fence material
  • The finished sheepfold shown is an example only all items are unfinished, it is an example of a rock fence that can be used in place of twine

We can ship you just the Good Shepherd and the 10 sheep.
A suggestion for finishing is shown in this example.

Price does NOT include shipping charges.

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